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WILD10 Sponsors & Partners


The World Wilderness Congress (WWC) was founded in 1977 by The WILD Foundation, and its continuing practical and inspirational accomplishments have been made possible by its collaborative approach to nature conservation and the well-being of human communities. Following this principle, the conservation objectives of WILD10, the 10th WWC, are created by the cooperative work of many dedicated, conservation-minded people, groups, companies, experts, government agencies, and more.  WILD10 is financially supported by a wide range of sponsors, benefactors, and institutional partners, each of them receiving customized benefits of sponsorship.

The WILD10 process was initiated by a planning grant from Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.  Recognizing the acute economic challenges of the Spanish and Eurozone recession, other financial and in-kind sponsors have helped in many ways to assure that WILD10’s conservation work continues.   The budget is still being raised and your help can be well-targeted to specific outcomes, with many benefits of visibility and participation!  Members of the Executive and Planning Committees extend their sincere appreciation to all of the sponsors, partners, and collaborators who make WILD10 possible.

  • For information on how you can Make the World a Wilder Place by sponsoring the practical results and increasing the inspiration of WILD10, contact [email protected]
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A few of the many collaborators working together in the WILD10 process: