WILD10 Ambassadors


HM Queen Sofía of Spain

HM Queen Sofía of Spain has endorsed the aims of WILD10! As the Presidenta de Honor (Honorary President), Her Majesty helped represent the mission of WILD10. View the letter of acceptance



Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner: Honorary President of The Club of Rome

“A sustainable future for humanity is only viable if developed in strict alliance with Nature. The goods Nature provides are those which enable our life, development and wellbeing. Such is the alliance and the future on the important agenda of WILD10. We welcome you!”


Vicente del Bosque: Coach, Spanish National Soccer Team

“It has been a great honor for me to help bring Spain to world recognition in soccer. But we also need to be world-class in our relationship with Nature, to create a better future for our children in which the natural environment that provides health, economic prosperity and beautiful landscapes is assured. WILD10 will help make this new relationship with Nature a reality. Join me and others in the WILD10 process!”


Julie Cajune: Educator; Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

“Through the Native Lands & Wilderness Council at the World Wilderness Congress, we help indigenous land managers meet and share their heart, story and information with one another. Brilliant, brave, and creative people are doing remarkable things, often with little resources. I am greatly blessed to have met such people and heard their stories.”


Amaya Valdemoro: Captain, Spanish Women’s Basketball Team

“WILD10’s positive message for us is that through hope and action there is a good future for nature and people. We all need to be part of this movement…it is for everyone. We can do it!”



Xavier Pastor: Executive Director, Oceana Europe

“A wilder planet requires the conservation and recovery of large areas of the oceans, which cover three quarters of its surface. Its populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, invertebrates, phanerogams and algae need to recover their splendor. We will accomplish it by protecting them from destructive fishing and the different types of pollution. The health of the oceans requires that at least one third of their extent is preserved from any kind of aggression or impact.  Join WILD10’s effort to achieve it !”


Carmen Linares: Flamenco Singer

“Spain is world-known for many valuable things. One of them, with no doubt, is flamenco, important because it allows us to communicate from our emotions and feelings. Nature is also one of them. That very diverse Nature of our land, among the richest in the whole world, whose health we need to restore, because it is the base of our prosperity, our science, and our arts. Join the WILD10 movement!”


Joaquín Aráujo: Conservationist and Writer

“Wild Nature and untransformed lands provide us not only indispensable environmental goods and services. Through emotion and knowledge, they also sustain and enhance our human condition. WILD10 works for the conservation and recovery of wild lands, for their own value and for what they mean to our society. Let’s support WILD10!”


Juan Luis Cano: Journalist, writer and humorist

“One of the things that makes humans unique from the rest of the species on Earth is the sense of humor, another is altruism and self-injury is sadly another. We must be aware that every inch of space ruined, damaged or torn from nature by man is an attack on their very existence.

To me, of course, apparently seen, I would not be anything else. I’m very well being a tiger.”


Estrella Morente: Flamenco Singer

“Freedom is the true meaning of wilderness…the world is wild…don’t let anything or anybody take away freedom from the world.”





Juan Luis Arsuaga: Paleontologist, Director of Human Evolution & Behavior Center (UCM)

“It is a serious mistake to believe that the future lies in the past. We can not retrace time and go back to pre-History. Instead, it is about building a better world. In the end, we all know what that better world looks like, and there is nothing we human beings cannot achieve, if we all dream together. This is the positive message that we will share in WILD10!”