WILD10 Organization

WILD10 Organization

“Connectivity” is important, in ecological terms of course but also in social and organizational strategies.

The World Wilderness Congress is a public conservation project operating around the world since 1977 to connect wild nature to human society.  Rather than being highly structured and layered with organizational requirements—which, by necessity, are the international conventions such as the CBD (Biodiversity), or organizations such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature — IUCN), the WWC is consciously designed as a parallel process to these global, institutional protocols.  It emphasizes “building community” and a social movement in which participates heads of state, youth and young professionals, experts, economists, business and tribal leaders, artists, concerned citizens, and more.

Most importantly, the WWC is organized around the reality that culture and spirit are as important to protecting and sustaining wildlands and seas as are science, economics, management, and policy. People need to feel inspired as well as informed.

Each WWC is a two – three year process of collaboration between many partners and supporters, in which everyone identifies opportunities, best practice, and other positive solutions that can inform our way forward and inspire a wider movement.

The Executive Committee takes responsibility for coordinating the many concurrent spheres of activity, working with:  Planning Groups and Partners to coordinate objectives and program, while also raising the necessary funding; Ambassadors  (normally from outside the formal conservation sector) who help to influence public opinion and involve more and different people; and Supporters that provide resources to specific parts of the WILD10 process.