Trail to Salamanca

Trail to Salamanca


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The countdown to WILD10 will be measured in footsteps along the Trail to Salamanca. “Earth Pilgrim” Geoff Dalglish and others are hiking from Geneva, 2500km (1500 miles) across four mountain ranges in six countries over 125 days, to arrive  in Salamanca just as delegates gather from all other the world for WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress. All along the Trail, Geoff will be joined by other hikers from local villages and organizations as they experience and explore the re-emergence of ecological corridors and the return of wildlife across Europe.

The Trail to Salamanca is both a recognition of the return of wild nature in the world’s most densely populated continent, and a living demonstration of the tradition of sacred travel, or pilgrimages,  that have occurred for millennia across land- and- seascapes all over the world.  In Spain and SW Europe these walks are called Los Caminos…so we call ours  El Camino Salvaje (The WILD Road).  It is at once both a celebration of the return of wildness to Europe and its important role in the birth of a new continent and  the development of new economies, as it is a statement that a new, respectful relationship can be created between wild nature and human society…one person, one community, one village, one nation at a time.

Geoff and his team of hikers will follow what biologists call el camino del lobo, an ancient migration route of wolves, across the south of France, and along the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Mountain corridors.  As they hike they will post stories on a specially designed WILD GeoStory web platform…follow them, and join the Trail to Salamanca!


Geoff Dalglish:

Geoff is a South African-born journalist, author, adventurer and expedition guide with a passion for wild places.

He has led pioneering overland expeditions from the northern tip of Africa to its southern extremity, from Timbuktu to Table Mountain and from China to the Cape of Good Hope, also becoming the first person to drive a conventional 4×4 vehicle to the South African base deep in Antarctica.

A former race and rally driver and motoring magazine editor, he went from Petrolhead to Pilgrim in 2011 with a decision to give up his possessions, live simply and walk with a message about treading more lightly and lovingly upon the Earth.

“The Trail to Salamanca is an amazing opportunity to celebrate wildness and the interconnectedness of all life,” he says. “I believe WILD10 will not only benefit the other creatures with which we share this magnificent planet, but also help heal the disconnection from nature that is at the root of so much of humanity’s suffering. Never before has the need been more urgent.”

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