6: Rights of Nature

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  1. As an environmental lawyer, I’m in favour of this resolution. Evolution of our jurisprudence/legal framework is essential to enable true “sustainability” which can only occur in a paradigm that honours our interconnection with all of life. The current system that reduces all “environmental” issues to matters of planning is frustrating when acting in the public interest, as judges are not empowered to examine all of what is truly at stake. The emerging trend in environmental law towards the adoption of a rights based approach is the next evolutionary step towards a more wholistic legal paradigm. The coalition you mention is already underway. We have formed a working group to launch a European Citizens Initiative for Respecting the Inherent Rights of Nature which is a project to be run across all member states of the EU. We call upon any rights of nature advocates who may be interested to get in touch and join the team.

  2. I fully support this resolution to recognize and advance Rights of Nature worldwide.

    The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is a global network of individuals and organizations advocating and supporting the implementation of Rights of Nature and welcome the opportunity to participate in the proposed global coalition.

    For more information on our global Rights of Nature – Nature Rights work visit http://www.TheRightsofNature.org!

  3. It is good to see this area evolving steadily.

    Maybe mention should be made of those who have always upheld a more evolved and sophisticated model and I suggest to start of on a positive note:

    Many (most?) of the world’s Indigenous Communities recognise that they are part of Nature and perceive themselves as custodians of the biological and cultural diversity of Nature to be protected for future generations, whereas the governance systems of most countries treat Nature (excluding human beings) as property and fail to recognise the inherent rights of all beings to exist, thrive and evolve; and

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