4: European Landowners Alliance

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  1. Dear WILD10 conference participants: Resolution #4 (Establishment of a European Landowners Alliance for Wildlands and Nature) is a useful beginning. It is also clear based on the North American experience that the promulgation of legal and regulatory frameworks – including but not limited to tax and real property laws and implementing regulations – which incentivize land and wildlife conservation are key to the successful protection of lands in private ownership. This could be an important first goal of Elawn. To learn more, please consider attendance at the next annual conference of the US’ Land Trust Alliance (www.lta.org) to be held in Providence, Rhode Island (not far from Boston, Massachusetts) on September 18 – 20, 2014.

    Your good efforts are being followed with interest from the western shores of the Pond. Stefan Nagel, J.D., Of Counsel, Law Office of Stephen Small, Newton, Massachusetts (snagel@stevesmall.com)

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