26: Antarctic Treaty Area

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  1. Hi, I would like to comment on Resolution 26 Antarctic Treaty Area. As Proposer of this Resolution, I have already sent the following comments earlier to the Resolutions Committee but I see that they have not been adopted in the public version of the resolution so I’m sending them again. I hope they will be adopted since they are only grammatical and are aimed to (i) correct grammatical mistakes, and (ii) make the resolution more readable.

    Line 1: Please change “remain” to “remains” since Antarctica is a singular noun.

    Line 4 beginning with “The Southern Ocean”: Please rewrite as “The Southern Ocean has some of the most untouched waters on Earth and thus hosts wilderness values that should be protected”. The formulation in the resolution is clumsy and difficult to understand.

    I appreciate all the Committee’s efforts on the Resolution process. As Proposer of this Resolution, I would very much like to see that the resolution is readable grammatically correct.

    Thank you very much, Tina

  2. The most obvious way to increase protection of the Antarctic Wilderness is to have the whole continent placed on the World Heritage List for its Outstanding Universal Value as wilderness and as the world’s best example of international cooperation in protecting the environment.

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