25: Alternative for Greater Laponia

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  1. This area is precious indeed. I don’t know how extensive the planned wind-farm projects are but local and regional government does often not think of the clean-up of future obsolete wind-turbines and pylons. The fact is that the thermoset plastic blades cannot be recycled nor is there a commercial market for this material as it releases toxic gasses when it burns. This fact has not yet been considered in the carbon payback equation and could be mentioned.

    Likewise mining leaves toxic ‘residuals’ in the landscape that is detrimental to plant and wild-life.

    Under RESOLVED

    call for independent, transparent and accountable systems to ensure compliance by governments and industries as per the UN’s “Protect, Respect, Remedy” Framework and Guiding Principles.

    for more on this Framework:


    and also

  2. Lars-Anders Baer, one of the proposers, asked me today to change his position/title. After recent elections to the Swedish Sami Parliament, he is no longer permanent member, so please change to: “Substitute Member, Swedish Sami Parliament”.

    Thank you and best wishes, Magnus

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