Visa Information

Visa Information


Participants are strongly advised to make sure they fulfill all legal requirements to enter Spain. Besides a valid passport, an entry visa may also be required. Please visit the official website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find out whether, depending on your citizenship, country of long-term residence, and the duration and reasons for your stay, you need a visa to enter Spain.

It is highly recommended to start the process a minimum of 2 ½ months prior to your arrival in Spain. Please contact your nearest Spanish consulate or embassy in your country of residence for further information.

Invitation letters to assist in visa formalities will be sent from MCI to those who request it in order to help you in obtaining a visa. It must be understood that such letters do not imply any financial support or hosting arrangement on the part of WILD10 or MCI or any of their affiliates, nor a guarantee of a visa being issued. The attestation letter to assist in visa formalities will only be sent on request and only to participants who have paid their registration fees in full.

The WILD10 and its contractors or partners have no authority over, nor the ability to influence, the decisions of the Spanish Government regarding visa approvals. Invitation letters requested by attendees do not guarantee that a visa will be granted. Delegates to WILD10 are responsible for complying with all the regulations for visitors to Spain including visa applications and are financially responsible for any fees associated with this process. It is understood that you, as the attendee, are financially responsible for all the costs of attending WILD10.

Should you wish to receive a letter, please note that your request must be registered as early as possible by sending an email to