Join us from 8-10 October 2013 in the spectacular Juan del Enzina theatre, in downtown Salamanca, for 3 days of inspiring photography-related presentations, exhibits, workshops, film screenings and round tables with some of the world’s best conservation photographers.

Effectively engaging new people, key leaders, and important sectors of the global community is the avenue towards creating the social movement that we need to Make the World a Wilder Place!

Following the tradition started at WILD8 in Alaska in 2005, and that expanded at WILD9 in Mexico in 2009, WILD10 will feature a new edition of WILDspeak, a conservation communications symposium co-hosted by the International League of Conservation Photographers to discuss innovative ways in which communications can have a greater impact in achieving conservation success, going beyond creating awareness to on-the-ground results.

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Please contact Buffy Redsecker of the International League of Conservation Photographers:  [email protected]

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