Working Coalitions

Working Coalitions


The 10th World Wilderness Congress (WILD10) process involves convening partners to launch four international coalitions:  (1) Nature Strategy for Sustainability; (2) WILD Water; (3) WILD Cities; and (4) CoalitionWILD.  The goal of each is to establish a global network of conservation and development practitioners and policy-makers, scientists, business leaders, Indigenous and community leaders and their advocates, photographers, filmmakers, writers and artists, and others committed to a belief that nature itself provides the true path to sustainability.  As ongoing working bodies, facilitated by The WILD Foundation, each aims to generate common principles and international guidelines, replicable models and best practice methodologies, policies, investments and outreach strategies that consider how human needs can be met while prioritizing adequate space for wild nature.  Cross-over WILD10 networks focused on Indigenous & Community Land & Seas, youth and young professionals (CoalitionWILD), and communications (WildSpeak/whole day crossover) will help deliver diverse participation and messaging (including visual images) that can penetrate all stakeholder groups.

Integrating these coalitions is the theme, Nature Needs Half™ (HALF) – a practical, science-based, aspirational vision of ensuring that ecosystems retain at least half their original size and are interconnected, in order to continue providing ecological services that support all life.  HALF is a mosaic of interconnected wild nature in large wilderness areas, parks, marine protected areas, forests, wildlife refuges, sustainable use zones, and working lands and waters managed with nature conservation as the primary value.   Priority criteria are:  intact ecological and evolutionary processes; native representation; species viability; and resilience to climate change and other degradation.

Four coalition projects are implementing the HALF vision through tangible, practical steps with apparent outputs and lasting outcomes, and have ongoing programs before, during, and after WILD10.  Details can be found at the following links:

Nature Strategy for Sustainability

WILD Water

WILD Cities™


Join Us!  WILD partners help lead Coalition activities, and plan and deliver outcomes.  Contribute best-practice models to build capacity and strategize on policy and outreach in training workshops and round-table dialogues.  The knowledge gained will enable the coalition to customize best practices to places where they are most needed.