Social Benefits

Social Benefits Program


Program Coordinator – Jo Roberts,

WILD10 Program Goal – Engage all program (globally) which aim to measure and evaluate how Nature influences and advances human wellbeing both socially, mentally and physically. This will include furthering employment opportunities.


Session Time Key

A is      9:30 AM to 11:10 AM
B is     11:30 AM to 1:10 PM
C is      3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
D is      5:00 PM to 6:30 PM


Social Benefits Forum (SBF) Presentation Series

Throughout workshops with Social Benefits Forum presentations (see Nature Strategy for Sustainability and WILD Cities workshops denoted as Social Benefits Forum in the program, aim to establish a coordinated approach to highlight and demonstrate :

  • The value of Social Benefits savings and economic advantage of this work  to both Governments and NGOs
  • The relationship that measuring Social Benefits has on evidencing the critical need for a global Nature Needs Half agenda
  • Demonstrating how The Social Benefits Forum outcomes can be used as a critical tool in the lobbying and influencing of decision takers in relation to the conservation and protection of Wild Land and Wilderness globally.

To achieve this, through Social Benefits Forum activities at WILD10 the aim is to:

  • Create an ongoing Social Benefits Forum of signed up members who will share information on a global scale,
  • Commit to create a joint agenda and process for publicity of information to influence conservation on a global scale.
  • Agree and develop a protocol for understanding ‘what we mean by social benefits’, and what parameters will work within.
  • Establish a secretariat to continue the work post Wild 10, and we liaise with members on an ongoing basis