Science & Stewardship

Symposium on Science & Stewardship to Protect & Sustain Wilderness Values


S&SS Program:

1. Theme A: World University Network & The Wildland Research Institute, University Of Leeds, Wilderness Spatial Science Applications: Prioritization For Protection And Monitoring

2. Themes B & L 

3. Themes C & S

4. Themes D, E, F, G and H

5. Theme I: Mechanisms For Protecting Wild Values On Private Lands

6. Themes J, K, M, N and Q

7. Roundtable Series

8. Poster Session

Basic themes & subjects

For the latest detailed program on the Symposium on Wilderness Science & Stewardship (which is less than half of the sessions being held in the Global Forum on 8-9-10 October), visit this page.

The Symposium on Wilderness Science and Stewardship will join leaders, scientists, managers and public conservationist for a three-day Global Forum. Over 200 concurrent sessions, presentations, discussion groups, round tables and poster sessions will address timely themes in wilderness conservation.  The Forum’s Plenary Session Overview will open with a keynote presentation by John Laird, Secretary of Natural Resources, State of California. The primary themes of the Symposium on Wilderness Science and Stewardship during the three days of the Global Forum are:

  • Transboundary and Corridor Conservation
  • Primary and Intact Forests
  • Valuation of Ecosystem Services
  • Private Lands and Wilderness
  • Rewilding – – Models, Processes, and Methods
  • The Role of Environmental Well-being in Human Well-being
  • Keeping the Wild in Wilderness
  • Nature and Native Peoples
  • MPA and other Marine Models
  • Education, Interpretation and Wild Nature
  • Local Communities—Projects and Models
  • Social Benefits of Wilderness
  • High Altitude Wilderness
  • “De-Extinction” – Issues, Challenges, Opportunities
  • The Role and Values of Protected Areas

In addition, specific groups and institutes will convene specialized sessions, a few of which are:

  • Rewilding Europe
  • PAN Parks — Wilderness Criteria and Designation in Europe
  • Fundacion Felix Rodriquez de la Fuente
  • Funadcaion Naturaleza y Hombre
  • Tracks of Giants Expedition
  • The Trail to Salamanca Expedition
  • World University Network and the Wildlands Research Institute (UK) – Applying Spatial Technology and Methodology for Conservation
  • World Heritage Commission – Discussion and Training
  • Wilderness Foundation (South Africa), Wilderness Foundation (UK)