Citizen Activism Workshop

Citizen Activism


Program Coordinators – Julie Anton Randall,, John Francis, Jaime Rojo, and Crista Valentino,

WILD10 Program Goal – Reveal innovations and educate in constituency-building and communication tools toward a stronger and more diverse social movement for the protection of wild nature.  Utilize WILD10 working coalition concepts of Nature Strategy for Sustainability, WILD Water,WILDCities, and CoalitionWILD.


Session Time Key

A is      9:30 AM to 11:10 AM
B is     11:30 AM to 1:10 PM
C is      3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
D is      5:00 PM to 6:30 PM


Citizen Activism Workshop (CAW) Series 

CAW-I: Citizen Activism Workshop I – Inspiring a Social Movement for Wild Nature
[crossover workshop with WILD Cities] Scheduled for: Tuesday, Session B – Aula 2.5 Salon de Pinturas

CAW-II: Citizen Activism Workshop II – Citizen Science
Scheduled for: Tuesday, Session C – Room Sala Menor

CAW-III: Citizen Activism Workshop III – Images for Citizen Activism
[crossover workshop with WiLDspeak] Scheduled for: Thursday, Session C– Juan del Enzina Theater

CAW-IV: Connecting People & Nature for a 21st Century Movement
[crossover workshop with CoalitionWILD] Scheduled for: Thursday, Session C – Aula 2.7


CAW-I/WC-VI:  Inspiring a Social Movement for Wild Nature

Scheduled for: Tuesday, Session B – Aula 2.5

Objective – Explore methods and strategies for expanding and diversifying the global social movement for wild nature, with a particular emphasis on urban populations.

Moderator – Jo Roberts, Wilderness Foundation United Kingdom

Broadcasting the Success of Using Wilderness to Forge Cultural Understanding & Peace – Connecting Cultures
Mark Evans, Connecting Cultures (United Kingdom)

Water, Rivers & People – Creating a New Culture of Water
Pedro Arrojo, University of Zaragosa (Spain)

Online Communications to Stimulate Wildlife Ecotourism – Big Mammals in the Iberian Peninsula
Jose Ignacio Vega, Nebrija University in Madrid (Spain)

Nature Missionary Work – America’s Great Outdoors 21st Century Job Corps & Civilian Conservation Center
Joel Holtrop, The WILD Foundation and US Forest Service (retired) (USA)

Using Tourism to Inspire Conservation Activism – Asilia Africa in Mozambique & East Africa
Mera McGrew, Asilia Africa (South Africa) [TBC]



Scheduled for: Tuesday, Session C – Sala Menor

Objective: Increase the number of citizen scientists globally to increase the number of species identified across a large geographic scale and the number of taxonomists/biologists/ecologists working in nature conservation.  Also strategize on how to use citizen science to increase the amount of time people spend outdoors.  Present a wealth of citizen scientist programs to a large audience, allowing them to easily find a niche of interest. Develop a working group that can provide overarching questions that will mobilize attention to increasing the health of natural systems.

Moderator – John Francis, National Geographic

A Broad Framework for Engaging New Citizen Scientists on a Global Scale – The Great Nature Project
John Francis, National Geographic (USA)

Scott Loarie, iNaturalist (United States)

Project Noah
Yasser Ansari, Project Noah (United States)

Citizen Sort
[To be determined], Citizen Sort (United States)




Scheduled for: Thursday, Session C– Juan del Enzina Theater

[Crossover content taking place in WiLDspeak on Thursday]

Objectives: Catalog strategies and tools (including photography, film and journalism) of partners to communicate the severity of ocean degradation and what needs to be done, and use it as an adaptable toolkit for reaching primary targets for activism:  local communities; policy-makers/influencers; educators; extractive industries; tourism sector; and recreationists, including sportsfishermen.


In WiLDspeak, 10 October at 3:00 PM:

The Value of the Planet in Minutes – Natural Numbers
Jaime Rojo, iLCP Photographer (Mexico), Exequiel Ezcurra, University of California Riverside (USA), and Octavio Aburto, iLCP Photographer (Mexico)

Portable Devices for Indigenous Community Awareness & Advocacy through Film
Alison Barrat, The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

Visual Assessment Tools – S.O.S. Spanish Coastline
Jose Benito Ruiz, iLCP Photographer (Spain)



Scheduled for: Thursday, Session C – Aula 2.7

Objective – CoalitionWILD Leaders will discuss what it takes to create a 21st century movement of rising leaders to create a wilder world.  With optimistic messaging, innovative solutions, passionate voices and worldwide connections, we can show the world that this next generation can make a positive impact on our world.

Moderator – [TBD]

D. Simon Jackson, The Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and CoalitionWILD, (Canada)
Crista Valentino, The Murie Center and CoalitionWILD, (United States)

Jon Mobeck, The Murie Center and CoalitionWILD, (United States)