A Movement of Rising Leaders to Create a Wilder World


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A partnership between The WILD Foundation, The Murie Center and Simon Jackson, founder of the Spirit Bear Youth CoalitionCoalitionWILD is a movement of rising leaders to create a wilder world.

CoalitionWILD launched the Wilder World Challenge in April 2013 to get more people involved in making the world a wilder place in the months leading up to the 10th World Wilderness Congress (WILD10) in Salamanca, Spain in October 2013. The Wilder World Challenge generated excitement for the gathering of rising leaders at WILD10, and also provided a platform for sharing project ideas via the CoalitionWILD website. Participants responded to the question: How are you creating a wilder world? They shared their projects and ideas via video, photos or essay description on a Facebook-supported platform. The Wilder World Challenge was designed to provide an outlet for creativity and passion that would grow into a movement of rising leaders before, during and afterWILD10. CoalitionWILD targets rising leaders under 35 years old, and the Wilder World Challenge was designed to highlight the great work of leaders under 30.

The Challenge accepted 76 projects from 18 different countries and 6 different continents. Entries ranged from local to global in scope and included ideas that ranged from creating green space from vacant lots in Los Angeles, to saving endangered species in Moldova, to building environmental education into school curriculum in Peru. Each idea submitted was a step closer to showing the world how we can celebrate and protect nature through a new generational movement.

Projects were evaluated based on likelihood of success, potential impact, creativity and innovation. Two winners were chosen to represent CoalitionWILD at WILD10 – Michael Grover from South Africa and Rahul Kumar from India.

For more information on how you can get involved in this movement, contact The Murie Center’s Crista Valentino at

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Project Winners and Presenters at WILD10

Michael Grover (South Africa): Grover works to protect the rhinoceros in South Africa from illegal poachers. He has begun to implement smart phone applications to record information on the location of rhino carcasses, the direction of footprints, what type of vehicle may have been used, etc. The data is then analyzed and sent to an anti-poaching team to better equip them to ward off poachers. Another initiative Grover is implementing is infusing a red dye into the horn of the rhino so the horn is less valued by poachers.

Rahul Kumar (India): Kumar has worked with several organizations in India to protect wildlife and create better practices for conserving habitat and resources. Kumar’s dream is to involve more individuals in protecting wildlife and wild places in India with an online platform that acts as a central information source which will connect communities throughout India.

Global Gathering and Movement Launch at WILD10

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The first gathering of CoalitionWILD will take place at the 10th World Wilderness Congress (WILD10) in Salamanca, Spain from October 4-10, 2013. CoalitionWILD delegates will be fully integrated into WILD10, with delegates substantively participating on-site at the Congress. Here are a few of the ways that CoalitionWILD will be featured at WILD10: (View the full WILD10 program here)

5 October 2013 (Full plenary of global delegates; 15-minute presentation)
CoalitionWILD: A Movement of Rising Leaders to Create a Wilder World
Presenters: D. Simon Jackson, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and The WILD Foundation, Crista Valentino, The Murie Center, Jon Mobeck, The Murie Center

8 October 2013 (Concurrent sessions; 90-minute workshop)
A New Face For The Future Of Wilderness: By looking at three separate case studies generated by graduate students, we will discuss cultural perspectives on the wilderness values across the world and the resulting management challenges now and in the future.
Moderator: Crista Valentino, The Murie Center
Lead Participants: Tina Tin (Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition), John Peden (Georgia Southern University), Elena Nikolaeva (Fulbright Scholar, Russia), John Shultis (University of Northern British Columbia)

9 October 2013 (Concurrent sessions; 90-minute workshop)
Introduction of Wilder World Challenge Winners and Workshop: In April 2013 CoalitionWILD launched an international challenge to get more people involved in making the world a wilder place via a Facebook platform, asking the question: How are you creating a wilder world? Two winners were chosen, Michael Grover (31) from South Africa and Rahul Kumar (20) from India, and will present on the work they are doing and how they plan to continue to create a better future for wildlife and wild place
Moderator: Crista Valentino, The Murie Center
Presenters: Michael Grover (South Africa), Rahul Kumar (India)

10 October 2013 (Concurrent session; 90-minute workshop)
Connecting People and Nature in a 21stCentury Movement: CoalitionWILD Leaders will discuss what it takes to create a 21st century movement of rising leaders to create a wilder world.  With optimistic messaging, innovative solutions, passionate voices and worldwide connections, we can show the world that this next generation can make a positive impact on our world.
Presenters: D. Simon Jackson, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and The WILD Foundation, Crista Valentino, The Murie Center, Jon Mobeck, The Murie Center

4-10 October 2013 (Ongoing) CoalitionWILD Lounge at WILD10
The CoalitionWILD Lounge is the central gathering place for youth and young professionals at WILD10 where you can find more information about the work young professionals are doing around the world. The Lounge is open to everyone, and we encourage all to stop by to meet and network with change-making CoalitionWILD delegates. Projects will be featured from around the world on a looping video in the Lounge, and via posters and artwork displayed, including conservation artists. Each day, the Lounge will introduce a presenter from 1830-1900h who will briefly describe their work and how you can get involved. The schedule (subject to change) is currently as follows:

4 Oct: CoalitionWILD Welcome to WILD10 (D. Simon Jackson, Crista Valentino, Jon Mobeck)

5 Oct: Walking to WILD10 (Trail to Salamanca):  Nathan Spees of World Wildlife Fund and a group of rising leaders discuss their hike across Spain to WILD10.

6 Oct: The Fishing Cat: Namfon of The Fishing Cat Research and Conservation project in Thailand talks about work to protect a very rare cat in Thailand with the help of a cadre of teenage volunteers.

7 Oct: IUCN Round Table: (Young People’s Pact and New Social Compact): Elaine Hsaio, co-chair of WCPA Young Professionals group.

8 Oct: London Zoological Society: discussion of outcomes of youth forum pre-WILD10

9 Oct: Worldwise presentation; career opportunities for university students

10 Oct: Spirit Bear Youth Coalition Campaign Wrap-up (D. Simon Jackson)

CoalitionWILD Beyond WILD10

CoalitionWILD is designed to continue as a collaborative program after WILD10. The website will continue to act as a virtual gathering place for rising leaders, providing resources to cultivate leadership skills. It will also feature projects led by young people from around the world as a source of inspiration and exchange of ideas. The call to action is to “join the movement of rising leaders” that harnesses the passion and innovation present in younger generations, while embracing inclusive tactics to expand the conservation base and connect more people to nature – across the globe.


CoalitionWILD Coordinating Committee

  • D. Simon Jackson (Canada) – Director
  • Crista Valentino (United States) – Director
  • Jon Mobeck (United States) – Director
  • Maria Feduchi (Spain)
  • Lincoln Meyer (South Africa)
  • Jordi van Oort (Netherlands)
  • Jacqueline Batrus (United States)
  • Shane Feldman (Canada)
  • Javier Gonzalez-Cantarell (Spain)
  • Elena Oprea (Moldova)
  • Rahul Kumar (India)
  • Michael Grover (South Africa)