Final Resolutions

Final Resolutions:

1: The WILD10 Statement from Salamanca*
2: Nature Needs Half
3: Conservation Vision for Europe
4: European Landowners Alliance
5: Nature Strategy
6: Rights of Nature
8: Community Conservancies
9: New Generation of Conservation
10: Coalition Wild

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11: Sacred Natural Sites

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Comments from the proposer regarding some of the comments below:

Comment 2: Capitalizing SNS
Response: while other resolutions/declarations etc haven’t tended to capitalize SNS, we underline that this is a call for SNS as a distinct category of protected area, and capitalizing shifts the thinking and draws attention. We prefer to retain the capitals for Sacred Natural Sites.

Comment 4 : Clarifying the type of PA
Response: We understand Holly?s comment, but prefer to leave it general and not restrict to IUCN management categories of protected areas; likewise we prefer not to include community protocols but leave as general.

12: Protected Areas and Mining
13: Mountain Trails

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14: Wild Cities

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15: Earth Bill of Rights
16: Art for Wilderness

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17: Wilderness Convention Europe
18: Data Access for Mapping
19: Wildland Scotland

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Click to Enlarge. Additional comment below.

20: Learning for Sustainability
21: Non-intervention in Nature Conservation
22: Protecting Wilderness in Sumava
23: Rosia Montana Romania
24: Western Iberia

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25: Alternative for Greater Laponia
26: Antarctic Treaty Area
27: Bengal Tigers

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28: Maya Jungle Conservation
29: Flathead Glacier

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30: Nova Scotia Protected Areas
31: Boreal Forests Canada
32: Gourma Region Mali

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33: Manitoba’s Conservation

* The WILD10 Statement from Salamanca is approved by the Executive Committee and issued by a group of 10 endorsing organizations.