WILD10 Events

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WILD10 Events


> 26 September 2013 – London: Rewilding Europe launch of the Wildlife Comeback Study (organized by the Zoological Society of London,  Birdlife International, Rewilding Europe and European Bird Census Council). Click here to register for this pre-WILD10 event

> August/September 2013 – Stockholm and Zadar (Croatia): Wild Wonders of Europe/Rewilding Europe Outdoor Exhibition planned for pre-WILD10

> 2 June 2013 – Geneva: Trail to Salamanca Media Launch. The Trail begins!

> 30 May 2013 – Salamanca, Spain: Local Press Conference to launch WILD10, hosted by the Mayor of Salamanca

> 9 April 2013 Media launch of WILD10 at Royal Botanic Gardens, Madrid…invited guests and media, co-hosted by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment

> January 2013 – Europe is undergoing a fundamental change as urbanization and changes in agriculture land-use increasingly allow wilderness to come back. A new vision for Europe’s nature – to make Europe a wilder place – is at the heart of the programme and preparatory activities of WILD10. At the end of January a group of distinguished scientists, conservationists and communicators will meet in Barcelona upon the invitation of our partner, the Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, to better determine Europe’s wilderness opportunities and to conceptualize the communications mechanisms and tools needed to disseminate  this new vision for Europe to a broad range of target audiences through the WILD10 process.

> 14 December 2012Making Spain a Wilder Place: Turning problems into opportunities. A pre-WILD10 targeted seminar on the possibilities for and the benefits from rewilding in Spain. Organized by Rewilding Europe in collaboration with Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre, Fundación Felíx Rodríguez de la Fuente, Associação Transumância e Natureza and Fundación José María Blanc.

> 4-8 November 2012, German Wilderness Seminar, Potsdam, hosted by the Stiftung Naturlandschaften Brandenburg (SNLB)—The Brandenburg Foundation. The team of international trainers includes Vance Martin (WILD10, WILD, USA), Drummond Densham (South Africa), and Dr Alan Watson and Kevin Hood (US Forest Service).

> 5-7 September, 2012 – Native Lands & Wilderness Council’s 2012 North American Regional Gathering

> September, 2012Wild Wonders of Europe fabulous outdoor exhibition in Madrid’s Retiro Park! View the press release

> 4 October 2012 – Hosted by The Murie Center and The WILD Foundation at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming…Staffan Widstrand, Managing Director of Wild Wonders of Europe (a WILD10 Communications Partner) will deliver an illustrated presentation about WWE and WLD10 at Photography at the Summit.

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