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WILD10’s NURDLOR ENIGMA – brought to you and for you by TINTA VITAL

A greeting from Beatriz Padilla, accomplished Mexican artist/activist and founder of Tinta Vital:

WILD10’s Nurdlor Enigma is created for you because we, at TINTA VITAL, proud WILD10 sponsors, want all other WILD10 sponsors and partners to benefit as much as possible from the support you are offering to the super-important 10th World Wilderness Congress. We are thoroughly Grateful for every bit of energy you invest in WILD10, because its robust success will immensely contribute to shift the scary wilderness-depleting navigation course we are going at so blindly.

So do make use of this platform and display your logo in our web comic.

The comic strips of WILD 10’s NURDLOR ENIGMA are being published on a weekly basis during the 16 weeks leading up WILD10. Then, during the congress, we will produce a comic strip per day. A final comic strip will be posted three days after WILD10, adding up to a total of 24 comic strips.

So, if you want your logo featured in WILD10’s webcomic, please feel free to contact Maria Feduchi, maria at/


The potential success of wilderness preservation lies in the hands of local, rural inhabitants who rarely read books, magazines, or newspapers, and seldom have Internet access. But they are likely to read printed comic books, particularly if these are designed for them, reflect their situation and offer solutions to their livelihoods. TINTA VITAL, a great little Mexican start-up company, was created to address this need.

Comic books can be highly effective, for they remain in the area and can be read more than once and by many people. A well thought-out comic-book strategy can reach large numbers of local inhabitants and, as a result, field conservationists can venture into wild areas in a friendlier, more receptive social environment.

The aim of TINTA VITAL is to develop the capacity to simultaneously work on at least 15 comic book projects for various regions around the world. We are putting together a dynamic team of professional script-writers, illustrators and advisers to produce really good stories laden with humor, romance, dramatic tension, charismatic characters and, of course, the message.

WILD10’s Nurdlor Enigma, TINTA VITAL’s first webcomic, is produced specifically to bolster WILD10’s potential to create a social movement for the preservation of the world’s dazzling natural heritage, aiming to create a new and mutually beneficial relationship between wild nature and human society.

For information on Tinta Vital please contact Rafael Santillana:
[email protected]
Mobile: +52 1 55 2369 7022