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Our partners at WWF Austria are seeking partners to Walk to WILD10 in Salamanca this fall! This project would start one week before the conference begins (4.10), and the group would meet at a designated location in Spain, that is approximately a 7 day hike to Salamanca, and from there they will walk to the conference.

The walk will be designed as a “Mobile Training” – a mixture of hiking/walking each day mixed with personal development, deep nature connection, and team building activities as well as interactive workshops to prepare the participants for the WILD10 conference.

Once the group has arrived in Salamanca for WILD10, they will participate in our young professional’s program, CoalitionWILD. Please note that applicable partners/promoters must fit within the guidelines of the Youth in Action programme (see page 16).

Partners:  They are looking for 5-8 partners from different member states of the European Union, but could also include program countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, and Turkey to apply with us on 1.05.2013.

Partners who are interested in applying should be able to fulfill the majority of the following descriptors:

  1. Passion for adventure, outdoors, experiential learning, wilderness/nature protection, sustainability (i.e. creating a more fair and sustainable world).
  2. Experience working with non-formal, outdoor, nature, experiential, and/or environmental education methodology.
  3. Experience using deep ecology, nature-connection, and other related approaches.
  4. Can provide a “group leader” who is capable of facilitation, group dynamic activities and is first-aid certified during the walk and conference (ca. 2 weeks).
  5. Able to participate in planning calls, face-to-face planning meeting, and preparation tasks leading up to event.
  6. Able to recruit the designated number of young adults ages 19-30 (ca. 4-6 PAX) to participate in project.
  7. Spanish partner:  Will need to be able to be our “on the ground” organizer – identifying route, camping/accommodations, food, etc.  It may be advantageous that they serve as the applicant (TBD).


Deadline for submission of interest:  March 22, 2013

> Application for interested partners

Contact: WWF Austria, Youth Taking Action for the Earth (YTAE), Nathan Spees, Youth Empowerment Program Coordinator: nathan.spees@wwf.at +43 0676 834 88305

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