Voice of WILD10: 8 October

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The Voice of WILD10


Day Five: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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The third and final phase of WILD10 – the Global Forum – began early Tuesday morning with a Sunrise Opening Blessing in the grassy central patio of the Hospederia del Palacio Fonseca. A large group of delegates and staff joined in the blessing, hosted by the Native Lands & Wilderness Council and the Indigenous & Community Lands and Seas Forum.

The three-day Global Forum provided delegates with a menu of no fewer than 127 sessions across a range of 17 program areas designed to deepen participants’ knowledge and increase practical skills for making the world a wilder place. The rich content of the unprecedented Global Forum offerings was structured to help delegates establish functional, long-term networks with collaborative missions, acquire tools for scientific discovery and advancement, create new policy recommendations, and adapt customizable models to address conservation threats all over the world.

On day one of the Global Forum “journey,” delegates were encouraged by its organizers to “…pack your energy, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment – we will depart the Global Forum with a positive shift in efficacy – to understand, embark on and lead a lasting social movement that halts wild nature decline, returns wildness to disturbed natural areas, and protects and regenerates ecosystems to give species a chance to survive or rebuild.”

The only difficulty of the Global Forum arose from its myriad simultaneous sessions, forcing delegates to choose among a rich panoply of options that covered topics that included citizen activism, CoalitionWILD, doing science in wilderness, indigenous peoples’ fora, nature strategies for sustainability, rewilding Europe, social benefits of rewilding, primary forests, science, stewardship and wilderness values, WILD Cities, WILD Water, and much more.

Each of the programmatic areas had specific objectives to achieve, and several new initiatives were planned for launch after 18 months of collaborative planning..among them  a new WILD Cities programme, Coalition WILD, MarineWilderness progress in the WILD Waters and Seas working sessions, advancing the Nature Rights agenda thru specific actions, and much more.

After a stimulating day of in-depth forum sessions, delegates headed to the Sala Mayor at the Palacio de Congresos for Julie Cajune’s performance Belief, a  collaboration with poet Jennifer Finley-Greene and Director Linda Grinde. Cajune, a Salish woman from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes in Montana, is a Kellogg Foundation recognized educator and spokesperson for indigenous people. Her unique ensemble piece included live poetry and music portraying the history of Salish women,  native to Montana.  Through personal stories and dramatic narrative, the moving, two-act play communicated to the audience of WILD10 delegates and many local Salamancans the power generated by believing in themselves, and in culture, music, and love.

(Jennifer Scarlott, jennifer@sanctuaryasia.com)

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