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Urban Art for Nature: A Gift from WILD10 to the People of Salamanca


Great fun…beauty in the city…and what a message!  Boa Mistura, the urban art collective based in Madrid, collaborated with WILD10 planners and cultural figures for the months leading up to the 10th World Wilderness Congress.   The result was a stunning, 27 meter high mural painted on one entire wall of a privately-owned building in the middle of Salamanca, immediately adjacent to El Corte Inglis, the main department store.

Working for five days straight while WILD10 delegates convened in Salamanca’s Palacio de Congresos, the Boa Mistura team – comprised of architects, entrepreneurs, engineers and artists – produced a design that hearkened to the “Hand of Fatima”, into which they wove essential messages and inspiring images about the importance of protecting wild nature on land and in the seas. The mural also highlighted the theme song of WILD10 “Hacia lo Salvaje “(Into the WILD), a nationally famous contemporary song in Spain, donated for use in WILD10 by the Spanish pop group, Amaral.

This mural is in the tradition of the World Wilderness Congress, which always integrates cultural projects and communications into science, policy and education and business  as an essential  and effective formula to create nature conservation solutions. Music, fine arts, contemporary design, photography, films and more are always part of the WILD approach.  The completed mural is also featured in the 3 minute, WILD10 summary video.

Boa Mistura has completed commissions all over the world—Europe, Latin America, Africa – and reckon their work maintains quality against the weather and climate for at least  10 years. The owner of the building who agreed to this spectacular mural said, “I want it on the wall forever!”

> Read the La Gaceta article, “Mural del colectivo urbano Boa Mistura como regalo a la ciudad”

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