Featured Partner: PAN Parks

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Featured Partner: PAN Parks


Wilderness in Europe is a concept many do not recognise – yet, untamed, wild natural areas still exist throughout Europe. Wilderness survives in virgin forests, along meandering rivers, in extensive marshlands, high mountains or caves, and under the sea. However, compact, un-fragmented and well-managed wilderness areas are very scarce. We are constantly losing the last fragments of our European wilderness heritage.

PAN Parks, the European wilderness protection organisation, works to change this aiming to safeguard European wilderness, the continent’s most undisturbed areas of nature for future generations. Therefore we are a proud partner of the WILD10 congress, which aims to highlight the achievements about wilderness preservation, and provide  leverage for further enhancing wilderness protection in Europe. PAN Parks participates in the international advisory committee of WILD10 and contributes to the development of the programme.

— Zoltan Kun, Executive Director of PAN Parks

Exploring the land of bogs in Soomaa National Park © Arne Ader

Wilderness of Fulufjället National Park © Vitantonio Dell'Orto / exuviaphoto.com

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